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Madrid 2012




                 Audio Analogue Krefeld 2010




Audio Analogue Krefeld 2011



The Sound Taylor

Report from "Diário de Noticias" newspaper published in January 2004 - "The Sound Taylor"



High Fidelity Gourmet

Report from "Audioe Cinama em Casa" magazine, published in April 2004 - "High Fidelity Gourmet in the heart of Lisbon", by Samuel Xavier.




Turntable Tuning

Report from "Sábado" magazine, published in November 2006 - "Turntable tuning"



"Rui Borges e os Mistérios do UNO"  


Rui Borges - "Precisão da Peça"


Turntable RSB Reference

The first turntable conceived by Rui Borges, built in 1995 and presented in 1996 on the Portuguese AudioShow.

Portugueses "Audio" magazine review  

1996 Product of the year by the Portuguese "Audio" magazine  



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