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© 2013
 Rui Borges Turntables
design: Carla Borges


Laminated 40m/m MDF chassis.
Semi rigid elastomers suspension.
20m/m acrylic, aluminium supported armborad.
High precision integral bronze bearing.
High precision shaft is made of hardened stainless steel 16m/m diameter with a Ruby decoupling from the shaft.
Special thrust with double decoupling.
305m/m diameter machined aluminium Platter.
2 platter in acrylic, decoupled spindle with no contact with the shaft or the sub-platter. (THIS IS AN UNIQUE FEACTURE).
Aluminium motor block. DC Motor.
Separate power supply, providing high stability rotation.
Independent pitch adjustments for 33 1/3 and 45 rpm by 20 turns potentiometer.
Wow-and Flutter unconditionally stable.
Belt drive transmission.
All parts are machined.
None of the materials are cast made.
Platter weight: 7,6Kg plus 2,7Kg of the sub-platter.
Dimensions: L.53cm H.15cm D.39,5cm
Total weight: aprox.30Kg
Finish: Piano black and matt.