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Yuska was born on 02 February 2004, it is a female sweet dog. The ours neighbours ask us we could be with she, had 1,5 month was a very hairy ball wilth blue eyes alive. Irresistible. We said that could not be with her due to ours, because to be alone home completely the day was out of an owner. After sensibly two weeks of somebody that was with her, but we didn't get to separate of Yuska, and her of ours, until she gave us a kiss to ask to be, (feeling so sincere that we felt in ours live). It went to come with us all days for store in the morning and we returned the house at night. All the people they adore Yuska, it is a very sweet, intelligent and be haves as a true one lady. Ours friens call her "female dog Gourmet", because she only like what is good and is not present ask always for her. It is an our great friend that is part our family.



This Master Voice

The history of the adopção of this symbol is at curious least...
In the end of the Century XIX (in the nineties), he/she died Marc Barraud, a theatrical scenographer. To the brother, the English artist Francis Barraud, he/she left a small called dog then Nipper and a phonograph. It is counted that a certain day when putting in operation the said phonograph, Francis will have noticed the interest that the same woke up in the small animal and he decided to paint that fenómeno in a picture the one that gave the singular name of "his master voice": Having painted a fonógrado of the mark Edison-Bell, Barraud will have reminded her of taking him referred picture the this company with the intention of selling. The answer that obtained was a no peremptory: "the dogs don't hear phonographs". it Went him/her then suggested an actualização of the picture, substituting the phonograph for the last model of a gramophone.